The #1 astrology app for manifestation, self-discovery, mindfulness, and healing

Designed to make astrology both accessible and useful, the CHANI app combines ancient astrological wisdom with meditation and mindfulness to help you foster your relationship with the sky and support your wellbeing. From personalized birth chart readings to real-time updates on how the current astrology is affecting you, it features everything you need to guide you on your life’s journey.

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Get hyper-personalized breakdowns of how the planetary transits are impacting you based on your unique birth chart.

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Listen to rising-sign-specific readings by Chani Nicholas for an overview of the week’s astrology and tips on how to work with it.

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Journal prompts

Manifest, set intentions, and tap into the magic of the current energies with weekly sign-specific journal prompts.

Consider it your personalized guide through life’s ups and downs

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Discover who you are

Unlock detailed information about your birth chart — aka the snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. By getting to know every luminary and planet in your chart, you’ll come face to face with your personal power and life’s potential.

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Engage in mindful reflection

Astrology is not therapy, but it is therapeutic. With the CHANI app, you can support your growth and healing through guided meditations, written and audio affirmations, and a live journal — complete with personalized reflection prompts.

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Learn what’s coming next

Transits point us toward the themes in our lives and the places where we’re being asked to stretch and show up. Once you know how to work with these short- and long-term lessons, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of where you are and where you’re headed.

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Stay grounded in the present

With daily rising-sign-specific horoscopes, Current Sky horoscopes, readings for the current Moon phase and sign, daily featured meditations, and more, we’ll help you unpack the astrology of the day so that you can make the most of it.

Written by astrologers, not AI

All of our content is written and recorded by Chani Nicholas and our team of professional astrologers. We believe that astrology is about being witnessed in all our humanity, and that requires a human touch.

Plus, we keep you updated on all the planetary goings on

Our astro push notifications provide real-time updates on lunations, planet-to-planet transits, retrogrades, and so much more — with tips on how to work with them.

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What people are saying

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" This app is an incredibly convenient way to get hyper-personalized insights, such as transits, guided meditations, and year-ahead reports. "

The Today Show

" An astrological mecca "

Women's Health

" Life-changing app! I have been using this app for a few weeks now, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I was shocked at how well I could see my emotions playing out in ways Chani told me to watch out for. It’s a helpful guide to get through the week and learn so much more. "


" Amazing and heartfelt! I have loved the CHANI app for over a year, and I must say, Chani has a way with words and her voice is lovely! She gets to the point with delightful insights. I give CHANI a 5-star rating! "


" Worth its weight in gold! There is so much content to work with, and the meditations and journaling are amazing exercises! Definitely worth it! "


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We have over a million downloads — and counting. Come join the CHANI community.

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